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Upto 60% Off Fruits & Vegetables, Beverages, Staples and more
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Rs. 150 Off Groceries
Minimum 25% Off Household Products
Upto 50% Off Juices

What is BigBasket?

Are you frustrated by the long queues at supermarket cash counters? Are you uncertain whether all your purchases are packed and accounted for? Do you dread carrying your heavy bags all the way to your car, or worse, flagging down some passing rickshaw? Presenting BigBasket – India’s largest, innovative online shopping site that takes care of all these hassles to optimize your shopping experience. Go green and buy your groceries fresh from wholesalers themselves, at remarkable prices! The future of supermarket shopping is right before your eyes.

Going Online for Groceries Its a Decision You Wont Regret

Normally, youd have to make weekly or monthly trips to the supermarket to restock your pantry, and lets face it that can be quite some task. Lets not forget the heavy traffic, the huge and bulky shopping bags, the slow moving, lengthy queues, and hordes of people milling around you, and of course, the shopping carts crashing into each other like bumper cars! Shopping is supposed to be a fun and therapeutic experience, and these little problems can make it rather irritable. Our busy lifestyle is another hindrance; erratic work hours, social time out, and other daily tasks leave no time for a long session of bustling around in the supermarket. BigBasket effectively settles in with your schedule by being quickly accessible, and promising you quality produce at reasonable prices, right to your home. With over 10000 products to offer, you’ll find all you need; from personal care items to pulses, to organic vegetables and meats, all guaranteed to be fresh and checked for quality. You wont find a lot of BigBasket products in just any regular store they pride themselves in sheer variety. With delivery at your specified time so that they fit in with your schedule and not the other way around, they assure you delivery anywhere in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore uber- crowded urban cities where shopping can be a nightmare. With a variety of payment options like credit card, debit card, Internet banking and cash or even Sodexo coupons on delivery, you have a tailor-made shopping plan just for you.

Personalized Shopping for Your Pleasure

When you register with BigBasket, all you need to do is fill in a form with your general bio-data and a little information such as the pages you visit on BigBasket and the frequency of your visits. This allows BigBasket to customize your shopping experience and offer deals and suggestions based on your choices and who doesn’t like a little special treatment? You may rest assured that your financial information will not be used for any other purpose apart from the transaction and that it is never shared with any third party. If you’d like to edit or add some more information about you, you can either do it online, or connect with their customer care professionals. Its just that easy!

Green is the new Black

BigBasket really takes its going-green policy seriously! In a regular store, it is necessary for stockers to travel to the regional suppliers office and load the goods from there, and then distribute them to individual stores, after which, you, as a customer, have to personally travel there and purchase your products. At BigBasket, thoughtfulness takes the front seat; as all products are brought to the stores directly from wholesalers, techniques such as minimum use of electricity, lighting, easing the power load of refrigerators, are all used to reduce carbon emissions and traffic. Its interesting to note that they do not use paper or plastic bags to supply the products; in fact, BigBasket makes use of crates that are brought to your house, and after youve sorted everything out, must be returned to them to be reused again. We give them full marks for outstanding social innovations!